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Carqueja Leaves

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Baccharis trimera, popularly known as carqueja is used for the treatment of various diseases, attributing to it tonic, stomachal and antifebriles proprieties, mainly in liver problems and against stomach and intestinal dysfunctions, besides the anti-inflammatory and digestive properties.

CONSTITUENTS: The analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects are mainly due to a complex of saponins that has as main component the equinocístico acid. Antioxidant compounds were isolated and identified in aqueous extracts of Baccharis trimera. The flavonoids eupafolin, quercetin, luteolin, nephelin, apigenin, hispidulin, quercetin, eupatorin, genkwanin, cirsimaritin, rutin, cirsiliol, genkwanin, cirsimaritin, canferol, eupatrine, eriodictiol and others have also been identified in this plant.

LATIN NAME: Bacharis trimera


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: flavonoids, diterpenes, saponins, antioxidants, phenolic compounds and flavones.

PROPERTIES: Baccharis trimera has anti-inflammatory properties which seem to be due, at least partly, to the inhibition of prostaglandin biosynthesis. This plant also has compounds that relax corpus cavernosum smooth muscle. Carqueja may also help decrease food intake. Several diseases of the gastrointestinal tract seem to be induced by oxidative stress. The role of oxygen-derived free radicals has been studied in acute gastric and esophageal mucosal injury caused by ischemia, anti-inflammatory drugs, or ethanol. Administration of free radical scavengers has been found to prevent esophageal mucosal damages. This suggest that the folk use of carqueja could be associated with antioxidant properties. The results of recent researches indicate that Baccharis trimera presents constituents that inhibit gastric acid secretion by acting mainly on the cholinergic regulatory pathway.

COMMON USES: The oral preparations of Baccharis trimera, like carqueja cut or powder, are used for the cure of a number of such an anthelmintic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, laxative, antacid, antiviral, antioxidant, diuretic and Aphrodisiac. Further oral purposes of carqueja are to prevent ulcers, protect the liver, aid digestion, purify the blood, induce abortion reduces fever, diabetes, to treat angina, renal disease, obesity and to cure poor blood circulation.

APPLICATIONS: Nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, food supplements, food supplements, functional foods, medical food.

PRECAUTIONS: Not to be used during pregnancy as carqueja has demonstrated uterine stimulant and abortive effects in rats. The use of this plant is contraindicated in persons with low blood pressure due to its documented hypotensive effects. Carqueja has been documented to lower blood glucose levels in human and animal studies. As such, it is contraindicated in persons with hypoglycemia. 

For educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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